Ideas for raising money

If you break your fundraising into smaller amounts, it soon adds up.

Every car in the Aussie Muscle Car Run needs to raise a minimum of $4000 to help the Leukaemia Foundation’s work helping to beat blood cancer.


$560 can give a regional family a free place to stay close to treatment in the city for one week.

  1. Start by making your own donation for $50.
  2. Ask 4 family members to sponsor you for $25 each.
  3. Ask 2 businesses you frequent to donate $50 each.
  4. Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you for $20 each.
  5. Ask 5 people at your club to donate $10 each.
  6. Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100.
  7. Ask 3 friends to donate $20 each.

That makes it really worthwhile doesn't it?


Create a sponsorship deal for your car including:

  • Sponsor stickers on the car (leave room for AMCR event sponsor stickers)
  • Displaying your car at your sponsor's business premises.
  • Highlighting your sponsor in club newsletters.
  • Highlighting your sponsor in local papers or local radio
  • Offering a cruise in your car for your sponsor, their staff and clients
  • Offering to bring your sponsor on the Aussie Muscle Car Run


  • Run raffles at your club(s) and among your friends and workmates.
  • Organise fundraising at BBQ's and other social events.
  • Have a show and shine or a garage sale
  • Run a quiz night or talent show
  • Sell lollies or chocolates
  • Have a swear jar at your club
  • Get sponsored to do something daring or unusual – the more embarrassing it is the more money you’ll raise.

Here's some cool stuff to download to boost your car's fundraising!

How to pay-in

Sponsors donate on your page

The easiest way to raise money is online - ask people to sponsor you car by email or Facebook. Your sponsors complete their credit card donation on your car’s web page. Easy-peasey!

Pay in cash online

Log in to your Fundraising dashboard and use the 'Pay in money' feature. Enter each amount and names you want to display on your page. The funds will show once we've charged your card.

Direct Deposit

Use the deposit slip we’ve given you to bank your cash any NAB branch
Or direct deposit online to
BSB: 084004
Account No: 865508604
Contact Us for your reference number
Please allow 48 hours for funds to show.