How it helps

The Aussie Muscle Car Run is the Leukaemia Foundation’s annual, seven-day leisure day car cruise to raise funds to help local families beat blood cancer.

The run is open to muscle cars of the golden era of Bathurst – those golden oldies built between 1963 and 1977. Replicas are welcome and organisers also consider special interest vehicles.

Since the event started, drivers have raised more than $2 million towards the Leukaemia Foundation’s work.

The Aussie Muscle Car Run gives you the chance to enjoy time travelling with like-minded enthusiasts in iconic cars through iconic Australian scenery.

About the run

The 60’S and 70’S provided an era of the most
outstanding vehicle competition in the world.

They were the days when you could buy the cars that raced at the racetrack on Sunday, from your local Ford or Holden dealer on Monday. It was era of famous and exciting drivers who became household names and Aussie legends like Moffat, Johnson and Brock.

These golden years of Bathurst sparked an era of the legendary Aussie muscle cars. The Falcon GTHO, Monaro, Torana, Charger and their many variations … cars that are still very much prized today. It was also a period when Bathurst accepted various other vehicles other than these great Aussie Muscle Machines to compete … they were the days of the Datsun 1600, Mini Cooper S, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Cortinas and many others hit the track.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s Aussie Muscle Car Run gives owners of these great vehicles, including replicas, an exciting adventure on all bitumen roads, enjoying great hospitality and scenery, while mixing with like-minded enthusiasts.

All while enjoying the sheer pleasure of the drive, while raising vital finds to beat blood cancer.

This year the Aussie Muscle Car Run will cross four states as we hit the road from Sydney to Adelaide through the ACT, Victoria and into South Australia for a run now known as “Harbouring the Beast”.

The Aussie Muscle Car Run is not a competition event! It’s about taking a leisurely cruise while showing off your car at events and communities and helping to spotlight the work of the Foundation and its great fundraising initiatives.

However, entrants do have the opportunity to participate in various controlled motorsport events throughout the Run … and it’s all in the name of FUN!

In return for an entrance fee and fundraising, the run will include daily breakfasts and dinners, accommodation, overnight security for the cars, official entrant’s shirt, car livery (stickers), back up mechanical support/facilities and entry into supervised motor sport events. The entrance fee and sponsorship will support the Leukaemia Foundation’s vital work.

History of AMCR

The Aussie Muscle Car Run really all started with event chairman Kevin May, who is still a big part of the Run today.

Kevin – a true blue Ford man and long-time member and former president of the South Australian GT Club had lost a sister to leukaemia so the cause was close to his heart. After running a successful GT National event in 2008, where the Leukaemia Foundation was the major beneficiary – Kev recognised the potential to run an annual event.

He teamed up with the Leukaemia Foundation and after much planning and hard work, The Aussie Muscle Car Run was born.

How the money helps

Help beat blood cancer

Getting sponsored to drive in the Aussie Muscle Car Run has a huge impact on Aussie families facing up to the challenge of blood cancer.

The more you raise the bigger the difference you can make.

Collect these badges on your page as you reach these fundraising milestones.

I'm in Badge

You've earned your first badge by signing up and joining the run – thanks!

Cha-Ching Badge

You're off and running by raising your first dollar!

Helping Hands Badge

You've raised $250. That’s enough to enable a family to attend a support program specific to their blood cancer.

Discover Badge

You've raised $1600. That’s enough to fund a month of laboratory costs for a research project to discover better treatments for blood cancer.

Beep Beep Badge

You've raised $2500. That’s enough to provide free transport for people who are too ill to drive after chemotherapy treatment, for a month.

Breakthrough Badge

You've raised $4000. That’s enough to aid future breakthroughs by funding a major blood cancer research project, for two weeks.

Sleep Easy Badge

You've raised $7200. That’s enough to give a regional family a free place to stay close to treatment in the city for three months.

Life Saver Badge

You've raised $10,000. That’s enough to provide emotional support to help 300 families overcome the initial shock and stress of being diagnosed.

THE leukaemia foundation

The Leukaemia Foundation’s ambition is help more Australians beat blood cancer by providing emotional and practical support as well as funding life-saving research into better treatments and cures.